The Oldest

I am the oldest child of 4.  All the things they say about being the oldest are true (at least for me).  I was the guinea pig of sorts…the child that my parents… Continue reading

Alex’s Gift

Twenty-three years ago today my life changed forever…. I gave birth to my older son, Alex. I have to be honest and say that nothing prepared me for the overwhelming feelings my son’s… Continue reading

Loving Those Beautiful (and yummy) Fresh Herbs!

Many parts of life are extremely beautiful, especially when love plays a key ingredient. Consider of grouping of fresh, live herbs…oregano, thyme, basil and rosemary.   Rosemary, the ultimate tree of herbs…my favorite!  The… Continue reading

Feeling your way through Choices

We are faced with many choices in life every single day….the seemingly endless options can certainly be a bit overwhelming. We choose what food we eat, what car we drive, where we live,… Continue reading

The Magical Music Plays On And On!!

Almost exactly one year ago I added three new members to our Barn Team.  If you were to look back at my Blog dated September 26, 2012, you would know precisely what I… Continue reading

Texting, texting, 1-2-3….

Up until a few years ago I was pretty old fashioned with most of my communication skills….my landline was my best friend!   As many adults in my generation may also feel, it has… Continue reading

Changes are the Spice of Life!

Unlike many people that I know, I find that I’m quite fond of change in my life.  I like living in different places, starting new business projects, building new relationships…change keeps my blood… Continue reading

Hi Y’all!!

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Nashville, Tennessee and have truly fallen in love with this beautiful area of our Country.  My older son, Alex, has taken a position with a… Continue reading

Peel back the layers…

I have been in Las Vegas during the past three days for my son’s orientation as a freshman at UNLV. I should say that Vegas has held very little allure for me up… Continue reading

Memories are cloudy, but happy!

I am an absolute believer in several versions of the same truth. For example: You know how a police officer will interview many witnesses to the same accident and come away with several… Continue reading